Following mysterious weather phenomena, the US military is chasing “enemies” in space


announced US Department of Defense In a statement, the “Flying Object Detection and Management Synchronization Group” (AUIMSG), replaces the “Unidentified Flying Phenomena Working Cell” that was established in August 2020 and assigned US Navy out.

The office is placed under the responsibility of the Deputy Minister of Defense for Intelligence and Security, referring to that US Army He believes that “mysterious weather phenomena” come from actual opponents of the United States.

and show Washington Especially concerned about Chinas espionage capabilities using drones or airborne means.

The next director of the new office, who has not yet been appointed, will coordinate activities in this field in various departments in the US military and intelligence services.

Last year, the Pentagon showed 3 videos taken by US Navy pilots, one in November 2004 and the other in January 2015. American warplanes During its flight “Unspecified Flying Phenomena”.

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