Former Vice President of the Chamber of Tourism: 3 days of stone in Saudi Arabia for any pilgrim to take the Chinese vaccine


Dr. Basil El-Sisi, former Vice President of the Chamber of Tourism, commented on the measures taken by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah, He said: Until 4 days ago, it was not possible to travel to the Kingdom, except after residing in one of the other countries for a full 14 days, and currently the pilgrim does not need to travel to other countries in order to enter the Kingdom.

He added, during an intervention with the 90-minute program: An update of the procedures has taken place, and the opportunity to travel to the Kingdom will be available without the need for a quarantine as long as the traveler or the pilgrim has received one of the four vaccinations (Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson and Pfizer), while those who received Sinovac or any Chinese vaccine will be subject to quarantine He is healthy for 3 days in the Kingdom, then a smear is performed, and if it is negative, he can move as he wants in the Kingdom.

He continued: “These procedures in themselves are a very good need, and we all have a desire to increase the numbers, especially in light of the suspension of tourism companies two years ago, and so far the Umrah system has not been activated on the Kingdom’s systems, and we expect it at any moment.”

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