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The name of Muhammad Farraj was associated with choosing distinguished roles. Over the course of his artistic career, the name of Faraj became associated with distinguished works that won the public and critics praise, but among all these successful choices, we chose 5 roles that can be described as prominent and influential signs in his artistic career.

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Despite his relatively few years of work in the field of acting, he caught the attention of critics and the public with his artwork since his inception in 2009 until now, and through the next lines we review the most important roles of Mohamed Farraj, which were dug in the minds of the audience and praised by critics

The series “No Names Mentioned”

Critics praised the series “Without Mentioning Names”, which was considered by some to be an important station in the history of drama, and it is director Tamer Mohsen’s first television work.

The series was shown in 2013 and Mohamed Farraj presented a different character than he presented before, as he embodied the character of “Rajab Al-Farkh” a beggar, who appears at first as a person to be watched from, but he has a good heart and we discover that over time.

Farraj expressed his happiness with this role in press statements to him in 2013, where he said that Rajab Al-Farkh is a different personality for him and an important station for him, as he considers him a risk, which is what attracted him to embody the role

The series “Under Control”

Mohamed Farraj’s love for risk did not stop with the series “Without Mentioning Names”, and that is why Farrag continued to present daring roles, including the character (Ali Al-Ruby) in the series “Under Control”.



Farraj drew attention to him through his embodiment of the character of an addict, which he presented with great skill that won the admiration of critics and the public, even though six years have passed since the series was shown.

Farraj said in press statements in 2015 that he is happy with this series and considers it an addition to his artistic career. He also explained that the work is alienated from the experience of drug abuse.

The series “Tonight”

In 2017, Faraj presented the character of “Sony” in the series “This Evening”, a person who sells and maintains mobile phones, but also hacks them and blackmails their owners.

The “Sony” character created a wide resonance among the audience, and Faraj told FilFan in a previous statement that a person asked to take a picture with him, and as soon as Faraj grabbed the phone until he took the picture, the man asked him to stay away from his phone for fear of the “Sony” character.

The series “Is that what happened”

As for the series “This is what happened”, which was very popular, Farraj presented the character (Ali Bahr), which gained people’s attention.

Faraj embodied the character of a talented composer who falls in love with a woman who does not love him and is tormented by the cruelty of one-sided love

The events of the series revolve around two times, the first in the present and the second in the twenties of the last century, the time in which he lives (on the sea).

The series “Newton’s Game”


“I can’t wait.”


Faraj embodied the character of “Sheikh Munis”, a married and religiously committed lawyer working in America, but he falls in love with a married woman, and helps her solve her problems until she separates from her husband and marries her, but he cannot forget her love for her old husband.

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