Ghaddar: The Egyptian national team is ahead of Lebanon by several stages


Mohamed Ghaddar, the former Al-Ahly and Lebanon striker, confirmed that facing Egypt in the Arab Cup next Wednesday will be difficult, noting that Hossam El-Badri ignored him with the Red Team for more than ten years, despite his contract.

Ghaddar said, in statements to the “No. 10” program on Channel One: “The Arab Cup will bring the Arabs together for the first time. The teams of Egypt and Algeria enjoy professionals in Europe, giving Al-Ahly and Zamalek players the opportunity to benefit more.”

He added, “Facing the Egyptian team will be difficult for the Lebanese team. We must be realistic. The Egyptian team is ahead of Lebanon in stages. The conditions that the country is currently going through on the financial and economic level negatively affect football.”

Regarding his candidacy of a Lebanese player to move to Al-Ahly, Ghaddar confirmed: “I nominate Rabia Baya to join Al-Ahly.

Ghaddar moved to talk about his period of playing for Al-Ahly Club, in televised statements to the “Remontada” program on the “Axis” channel, saying: “I follow Al-Ahly constantly and adore him even before I moved to him. I am proud to play for Al-Ahly Club of the Century, but I was wronged.”

He continued, “I am proud of my experience with Al-Ahly Club, although it did not live up to my ambitions on the technical level due to some problems with Hossam Al-Badri.

The Lebanese striker concluded, “I became angry with them, even though Hossam Al-Badri was the one who contracted with me and was convinced of my abilities. He was excluding me from participating without any reasons. It may be because of my friendship with some players he does not like, such as Muhammad Shawqi.”


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