Ghaly is approaching a new and influential position in the Al-Ahly football team, after his success in the elections –


Hossam Ghaly, the former Al-Ahly player, who approached the new Al-Ahly board member during the coming period, approached a new position within the ranks of Al-Ahly club at the football level.

Al-Ahly club aims to benefit from Hossam Ghaly’s football experience, and his nominations for a number of distinguished players, which the team will benefit from if contracted with them during the coming period.

And the Al-Ahly club news site learned Ahly News Ghali will be one of the members of the Football and Planning Committee at Al-Ahly Club in order to nominate the new names to join the ranks in the winter and summer transfers.

Ghali eagerly desires to be within the Al-Ahly club, since he stood with Al-Khatib in the previous elections 4 years ago, so that the opportunity is now available to Ghali in light of the strong expectations that Al-Khatib will be swept in his upcoming electoral list.

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Al-Ahly club wants to obtain a distinguished number of players, in addition to the replacement and renewal of the red ranks, in addition to its efforts to convince the players to be within the red system, because of his special charisma.

It is scheduled to cooperate with Ghali and Amir Tawfiq, the team’s contracting manager, through several meetings between the two parties to coordinate efforts between them, especially that Ghali has many distinguished visions at work within the Board of Directors.

Al-Khatib wants the good potential of Ghali to be exploited in terms of his efforts within the council, and his suggestions, which are set to have a great and distinguished significance in the red ranks.

The source explained that Ghali has great ambitions in the ranks of the red team, in order to promote new ideas in the interest of the first football team during the coming period.

The coach of Al-Ahly club stressed that he wants a number of huge deals in the red ranks during the coming period, especially as the team is looking forward to concluding a number of distinguished deals at the defense and goalkeeper levels.

Al-Khatib outlines a number of policies that seek to increase the volume of investment in the red team, in order to reach the optimal use of the open budget with the first football team during the coming period.

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