Global Health reveals the fact that there have been deaths due to the new Corona mutant


Amjad Al-Khouli, an epidemiologist at the World Health Organization, revealed the fact that there were deaths due to the new Corona mutant.

“Al-Khouli” said in a telephone conversation with the “Cairo Talk” program broadcast on the “Cairo and Al-Nas” satellite channel today, Tuesday, that the organization has not yet recorded any deaths due to the omicron mutant.

He added that the clinical pictures so far are very similar and there is not much difference between this new mutant and the old mutant, and this is the nature of viruses that generally tend to such mutations.

He pointed out that this mutant is one of the ones that the organization has classified as worrisome and could cause a faster spread than the delta mutant, but this will be determined by the studies that are currently taking place.


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