Gold prices continue to surprise..a warning of a significant rise within days


Today, Thursday, gold prices recorded a state of stability, bringing the price of a gram of 21-carat gold in the jewelers shops to 785 pounds, a slight decrease of one pound from the price of yesterday, Wednesday.

And 18 caliber, the second most traded caliber in Egypt, scored 674 pounds, while the price of 24 calibers amounted to about 898 pounds, although all goldsmiths experts confirmed that this caliber does not exist in Egypt and is not circulated.

The following are the gold prices in Egypt without workmanship, bearing in mind that workmanship varies from one jeweler to another, according to the composition of the works.

Gold prices today in goldsmiths shops without workmanship

24 karat = 898 pounds
21 carat = 785 pounds
18 karat = 674 pounds
Gold pound = 6,280 pounds

Naguib Naguib, Secretary General of the Gold Division of the Chamber of Commerce, had confirmed to Al-Mustaqbal that gold prices had witnessed a global and local rise during the last period due to the statements of the International Federal Bank.

Najib also explained the reason for this, as investors resorted to buying tons of gold after they resorted to buying bond shares, which had a significant decline during the last period.

Najib expected that gold prices would witness a rise again during the coming period due to financial inflation and the resort to investors to buy gold after the drop in interest rates.


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