Gold prices today in Egypt rise 3 pounds, and 21 karat records 792 pounds per gram


testify gold prices Today in Egypt, a slight increase in all calibers traded in the goldsmiths market, on the first day of trading on gold this week, after the price movement in the global stock exchanges, as the price rose from 789 pounds to 792 pounds per gram of 21 karat, which is the main caliber in the gold market in Egypt.

Gold prices today are recording a rise of only about 3 pounds at the time of writing these lines, but expectations indicate a possible rise gold This comes with an upcoming meeting of the Group of Seven to discuss the crisis of the new mutant from Corona, and anticipation to take decisions regarding economic measures to deal with the mutant, which may affect the attractiveness of gold.

And scientists in South Africa have detected a new strain of the Corona virus that may be able to evade the immune response, and prompted Britain to quickly impose restrictions on travel to and from this country.

Gold prices today:

24 caliber record 904 pounds.

21 caliber record 792 pounds.

Carat 18 recorded 678 pounds.

The gold pound is 6336 pounds.

An ounce of gold is $1,795.

Gold prices in the international markets and in the Egyptian market are witnessing clear changes due to the new Corona mutator, as well as the possibilities of changing monetary policy in the United States of America, and this is what makes gold permanently moving and changing between ups and downs.

The global and local gold market witnessed great developments during the second half of this month, as gold recorded its highest levels in nearly five months, bringing an ounce of gold to levels of about 1860 dollars, but the price took a rapid decline after the nomination of Jerome Powell as Chairman of the US Federal Reserve He is someone who supports the trend of raising US interest rates soon to face inflation, and this development caused the price to collapse by nearly $70 over the course of last week’s sessions, which is a great development to bring the price of an ounce down to $1,790, then prices began to move early this week by about $5 amid anticipation for more from height.


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