Google warns of a cyber attack by Russian hackers on Gmail users


Google has warned of a cyber attack led by Russian hackers targeting Gmail users.

The attack targeted more than 12,000 accounts on Gmail , but Google Blocks malicious messages before they cause any damage, according to a report thesun Technical.

The company described the scheme in its first “Threat Horizon” report – a summary of what cyber scammers have prepared by the Cyber ​​Security Task Force at Google

Intervals Google These messages did not compromise any user, and the attackers hacked people’s login using a phishing email, an attack in which cybercriminals trick victims into handing over sensitive information.

In a recent report, the US search giant said the campaign aims to steal people’s login credentials using phone emails sent to their inboxes.

The email subject line usually contained the phrase “Important Security Alert” and was spoofed to look like it was from Google. The message says there is a possibility that this is a false alarm, but we think so and government-backed attackers may be trying to trick you into getting your account password.

If they succeed, they can spy on you, access your data or take other actions using your account, which is why we recommend that you change your password,” the report said.

The website looked like a Gmail login page, and once you typed the tag into their credentials, the Russian scammers had what they wanted.

The emails were sent unsuccessfully to accounts around the world, according to the Google team. “The areas highly targeted for this particular campaign include the United States, the United Kingdom, and India,” they wrote.

Other noteworthy regions include Canada, Russia, Brazil and members of the European Union. Fancy Bear is believed to be part of a military unit working for Russias top intelligence agency. They carry out state-sponsored hacking campaigns for high-profile targets such as political figures and activists.


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