Grand Theft Auto GTA: San Andreas Game Installation and Requirements


Install Grand Theft Auto , is one of the electronic game series that has gained wide fame around the world since its release nearly eighteen years ago. Where the game depends on a different playing system away from any other systems in the games. It relies on a notorious thief who robs and terrorizes citizens in the streets. There are five levels in police chases where each level lights up a star at the top of the screen. Where was the first version called لعبة Grand Theft Auto: Vice city. In the last level of chases are being chased by tanks and helicopters. Updates rolled over time until they were released on mobiles, after Rock Star Game cooperated with Google Play and Android. Today, dear reader, we will show you Install Grand Theft Auto On Android phones version GTA: San Andreas. Which is one of the high-quality versions, and we will show you the requirements to run this mythical version on Android phones.

Install Grand Theft Auto
GTA: San Andreas

Install Grand Theft Auto Game Version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

enjoy The original GTA V game San Andreas version in high quality is different from the version لعبة Grand Theft Auto: Vice city Beginner Edition. Which released a lot of updates Vice city2, Vice city3. Also features version GTA: San Andreas. Graphics of the game looks like the truth. Which gives you the spirit of adventure, suspense and focus in the game for long hours. And now from our site, we assure all users of electronic games that they can now easily and in a 100% safe way. Installations GTA V APK For Android phones, through the following steps.

  • Through Google Play, the official application for Android phones, you can install the version of GTA: San Andreas. By opening the Google Play app. Then search for me لعبة Grand Theft Auto From the Google Play search box.
  • Several results will appear, such as the Vice City Edition and the Liberty City Stories Edition. It will also show the version GTA V game for Android San Andreas.
  • You must also click on the name of the game and enter its home page.
  • Then click on the value box, estimated at 30 Saudi riyals. And pay it electronically via the credit card, which bears the logo of Visa or MasterCard.
  • Immediately after payment, see a box appear Install Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. You must click on the box.
  • And now you have the game in your mobile and it can be played at any time.
Install Grand Theft Auto
The original GTA V game

Requirements to run GTA: San Andreas version for Android

Although the game is paid for through Google Play. Where the number of installed exceeded one million people. Also, there are a lot of users after installing it that can’t play this version because it requires big conditions. Where many users of electronic games are unable to play them because of this. where require The original GTA V game San Andreas these following requirements.

  • Installations لعبة Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Requires a storage capacity of at least 5 GB in Android phones.
  • as require GTA V APK San Andreas RAM 6 GB or more in order to get the required speed.
  • GTA: San Andreas One of the most powerful games in graphics performance, as it requires an expensive class processor, as it is no less than an eight-core processor.
  • It also requires a large screen GPU graphics processor for high quality in the form of people and the smallest details of the game.
  • work too GTA V game for Android On Android 11.
Install Grand Theft Auto

Dear reader, today we have shown you the steps Install Grand Theft Auto on Android phones. Issuance GTA: San Andreas. We also offer terms of operation The original GTA V game. We wish you to install the game successfully. We wish you continued health and wellness.


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