Guess who this naughty kid is| An artist married more than 10 times and the son of an actor


One of the distinguished artistic pages on Instagram published a rare photo of a famous artist and his son, the artist, who was about 10 years old in this photo.

The famous artist appeared smiling and in front of him was his son, who was clearly depicted as a naughty and naughty child, and he was misleading his eyes with his hands from the sun.

And in order to facilitate the identity of this child, we give you a sign of him, which is that the pioneers of social media call him the name of the martyr, as a kind of Hazar after his role in the movie Al-Mamar.

Now it is very easy to find out who he is, it is the artist Ahmed Flux, the son of the artist Farouk Flux.

Ahmed Flux, born in Cairo on June 22, 1981, is 40 years old.

His full name is Ahmed Farouk Tawfiq Salih Flux, and his mother is Turkish.

He has one son, Seif El-Din, from his Moroccan wife, Rabia, who works as a model, and they separated before his marriage to Hana Shiha.

On October 21, 2018, after his divorce to Hana, he returned to this wife again.,

He joined the Faculty of Mass Communication and participated in presenting the “Akhbarna One Week” program during his studies, and this delayed his graduation from the university.

After graduating, he worked as a presenter of a religious program, but he left it after one of the callers said to him, “Oh, your honorable Sheikh.” He felt that this matter was not the same.

He worked for a while as a DJ, popular weddings, in order to improve his income, which was little at that time,

Then he turned to art and presented a number of simple roles until producers and directors began to know him.

And a statement spread by Ahmed Flux, which sparked controversy, in which he said that he had married more than 10 times and up to 15 times.

But he returned and said that he was joking with the audience, and this statement is not true and that the audience used it to talk about the artist and his personal life.

Among his most famous works of art are: the movie Al-Mamar, the series Badal Al-Haduta Talata, My share and your division, part two

entry is forbidden, The spiritual father, the congregation, the neighborhood, I am my heart is my guide, the esoteric.

Farouk Flux and Ahmed Flux
Farouk Flux and Ahmed Flux
Ahmed Flux
Ahmed Flux


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