Hama Beka asks a Saudi family to give him a Bentley (video) | news


Festival performer Omar Kamal revealed the desire of his colleague Hamo Beka to get a “Bentley” car similar to his car, which he received as a gift from a Saudi family.

Omar Kamal posted on his Facebook page, a video in which Hama Beka appeared breaking into his hotel room, waking him from sleep to ask him how to reach the family who gave him the car as a gift. ( More details about the gift

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Omar Kamal tried to dissuade his friend from the idea, and asked him to leave him to get some rest before his concert, but “Beca” remained committed to the need to help him reach the Saudi family, which gives others luxury cars as a gift.

Hama Beka talked about the success that afflicted Omar Kamal in the recent period, while he suffers from stumbling blocks, which made Kamal feel annoyed by Bekas attempt to envy him.

It is noteworthy that Omar Kamal and Hama Beka are accompanied by Hassan Shakoush in Riyadh to participate in the concerts of the Riyadh season, tomorrow evening, Wednesday, November 30, at the Abu Bakr Salem Theater, after the success of their joint concert last Friday.

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