Hassan Abu Al-Roos with his wife on the red carpet at the Cairo Festival: “There is no one from you”


The artist, Hassan Abu Al-Roos, appeared on the red carpet with his wife, at the opening of the 43rd edition of Cairo International Film FestivalAbu Al-Roos published their photo and commented: “There is no one from you.”

Hassan Abu Al-Rus and his wife
Hassan Abu Al-Rus and his wife

Some sites had published the news of the separation of the artist, Hassan Abu Al-Roos from his wife, as well as his cancellation to follow her page on the social networking site Instagram, and she is, especially after his appearance with Dina Al-Sherbini, which Abu Al-Rous denied altogether and in detail..

The artist, Hassan Abu Al-Roos, said that he did not separate from his wife, Ghada Wali, as some have echoed, explaining in his statements to “The Seventh Day”, that they are rumors that have nothing to do with reality, nor did they cancel his follow-up on the Instagram photo-sharing site, which is the same..

The artist, Hassan Abu Al-Roos, had put on his YouTube channel a song entitled “Felt From You”, accompanied by the star Dina El-Sherbiny, where she participated in singing, and the song was written by Hassan Abu Al-Roos, composed and distributed by Diesel..


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