Hazem Imam attacks the “sports professions” .. and the captain: Zamalek owes us 59 million pounds


Representative Hazem Imam, Secretary of the Youth and Sports Committee in the House of Representatives, launched a sharp attack on the Sports Professions Syndicate, because of its failure to serve athletes and not providing any concrete role on the ground to help them, saying: “I have never felt that there is a role for the Sports Professions Syndicate towards its members, along the lines of What the rest of the professional unions do, for example, the large services that some unions provide to their members.”

This came during a meeting of the Youth and Sports Committee in the House of Representatives, headed by Dr. Mahmoud Hussein, to discuss a request for a briefing submitted to the Syndicate of Sports Professions and the Ministry of Manpower, regarding granting licenses to practice the profession to non-specialists other than graduates of faculties of physical education.

And Imam continued: “It is known, according to the law, that all football players, part of their contracts with their clubs, are deducted in favor of the Sports Professions Syndicate, equivalent to 5% of the contract value, wondering: What is the return to them for those amounts, and what is the role that you play? The Syndicate: If a Syndicate member suffers an accident, pointing out that there is a tangible role for the Players Association and the Association of Veterans of Players, unlike the Sports Professions Syndicate: What is your role?

For his part, Dr. Fathi Nada, head of the Sports Professions Syndicate, commented on Deputy Hazem Emam’s speech, saying: “The association and the association have a budget that allows them to do so, unlike the union that received it, which was in debt of 18 million pounds, and a large proportion of those debts were paid, and the union did not It receives money from the percentage prescribed in the players contracts, although the law stipulates this, and warnings were sent and cases were filed against the clubs, and the Al-Ahly club submitted an appeal in the year 2104 to the unconstitutionality of those percentages during the era of Engineer Mahmoud Taher, then came the Council of Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib for the Syndicate and presented the rescheduling of the debts owed by him to the Syndicate.

And the captain of the sports professions revealed that the Zamalek club owed the union an amount of 59 million and 500 thousand pounds, and only one million pounds was paid from them after a while, which prompted the deputy Hazem to ask him: Why did you mention the Zamalek club only without the rest of the clubs regarding the debt? “.

Some deputies asked the Syndicate of Sports Professions about Al-Ahly’s debts, and he replied, “Al-Ahly owes the union an amount of 25 million pounds.” Noting that Al-Jazira and Heliopolis clubs are the most committed to paying the value of players contracts in favor of the union, because the Basketball Association prevented any player from being registered without paying the prescribed percentage. for the union.”

Deputy Hazem Imam commented on the speech of the Sports Professions Syndicate, saying, “Why did the Football Association not demand the payment of debts for football players, as the Basketball Association did?”

The Sports Professions Syndicate responded that Ahmed Mujahid, the acting president of the Football Association, was contacted, and we asked to wait until the end of next June, after which the union’s dues will be paid to the clubs in exchange for the players contracts being released.

Fathi Nada revealed that the union members benefited from health insurance to reach 3,500 pounds annually.

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