He outperformed an Oscar-nominated film.. “Hakash” was crowned with the Grand Prix of the Nador-Al-Amq Moroccan Film Festival.


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The short film “Hakkish”, directed by young director Osama Mongam, won the Grand Prize for Short Films, as part of the activities of the tenth session of the International Festival of Shared Memory in Nador.

“Hakakish” competed for the award, which is the only film that represented Morocco, with the American short film “feeling through”, which is nominated for the Oscars, in addition to international films from Spain, Italy, France, England and the Netherlands.

Regarding his coronation at the festival, director Osama Muntawar, in a statement to Al-Omq newspaper, expressed his overwhelming joy, saying that “the film was the festival’s surprise,” adding that “the award means a lot to me, and it is a beautiful recognition of the efforts of the team made up of the youth of Beni Mellal.”

Conference, whose studies he is pursuing in an audiovisual institution, added that “the jury awarded the film this grand prize because its idea is original and simple and its subject matter is sensitive, in addition to the different feelings it left in the audience.”

And the 20-year-old conference highlighted that he “never expected that he would receive a major prize from an international festival at this age,” stating that he “was happy to represent his country, Morocco, in this cinematic event.”

He continued, “His experience at the festival was wonderful, as I spent enjoyable times with directors and artists from around the world, which will give me a strong impetus to create new cinematic works.”

The director of the film did not forget to extend his great thanks to everyone who contributed to the birth of this cinematic work, saying with the letter: “Thank you to the “Hakash” team, who made this film with love and love for the seventh art.

The film “Hakakish”, which means “Hakka Hakka” in Arabic, discusses the intolerance of society to the difference of others, as a young man tries from his childhood to peel a lemon in his own way, but society forces him to peel it in another way.

This work has previously won important national awards, most notably the Grand Prix of the National Educational Film Festival in Fez, the Jury Prize at the Film University Festival in Casablanca, as well as the award of the “Cine Cafe” program.

It is noteworthy that the 14-minute movie “Hakakish”, starring the young Elias Awal Jama’a, a script and directed by Osama Conference, while the photography department is by photographer Radwan Aknaki.


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