“He put his hand on my body.” His sister accused his neighbor of harassment, and he was killed


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Tuesday 30 November 2021

Books – Muhammad Shaaban:

30 days that “Saad” spent on a farm working alongside it without getting tired or bored. Hoping to get a monthly stipend, thanks to which he would bring back what was good for the family home. Expected joy did not see the light. The sister’s complaint about the neighbor’s opposition ignited the war. The young man in his twenties got the nickname “Jane” overnight.

In front of the officers of the North October Division’s investigations and the investigations of Manshaat al-Qanater Waqf “Saad.p.” He tells the scenes of the crime for which he was imprisoned.

In a barely audible voice, the 24-year-old said that he had hardly reached home – after taking leave from the farm where he worked – until his sister shocked him with her complaint about their neighbor: “He harassed me… he put his hand on my body.”

The young man was enraged, and ran towards his neighbor to blame him, but soon a quarrel broke out between them, announcing the death of a dead man in his blood and an accused who will await his fate in the courtyards.

Major General Medhat Fares, Director of the General Department of Giza Investigations, received a signal from the emergency police that a quarrel had occurred and the presence of a dead person in one of the villages of the Mansha’at al-Qanater center.

Major General Assem Abu al-Khair, Deputy Director of Investigation, instructed to quickly move to the location of the report and examine the incident to find out its circumstances and identify and apprehend the perpetrator.

The investigations of Colonel Ali Abdel Karim, inspector of the North October Division, concluded that a verbal altercation occurred between the accused, “Saad.p.” 24 years old, farm worker, and his neighbor, “Ali A.” 37 years old, worker.

According to the investigations of Lt. Colonel Ekrami Al-Batran, head of the investigations of Mansha’at al-Qanater, the accused reprimanded his neighbor for opposing his sister, and the matter developed into a quarrel, in which the young man in his twenties stabbed his neighbor in the chest, in the direction of the heart, killing him.

After codifying the procedures and obtaining permission from the Public Prosecution, Major Karim Abdel Hamid, the assistant detective, was able to seize the accused and the tool used in the crime, a “knife”.

The necessary report on the incident was issued, and Major General Khaled Al-Barawi Hakdar Al-Giza referred it to the Public Prosecution Office to conduct investigations.

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