He went out for a falcon.. A Saudi died alone in the desert despite the availability of water and food with him


The Saudi rescue team was able to find a missing Saudi in the city of Al-Nairiyah only 3 hours after receiving a report of his loss.

According to the newspaper “Sabq”, the sixty-year-old used to leave his city “Al-Nayriyah” for Nafud Al-Sarrar to train his “falcon” to hunt, and 6 days ago he went out for this purpose as usual, and his family lost contact with him on the second day of his departure, but they considered it normal because they got used to it. It goes out in places where there is no broadcast.

In the last two days of his loss, his family began to suspect that he was in danger, which led them to report the loss of contact with him to the security authorities, who in turn began searching for him and informed the volunteer teams.

Mansour bin Nasser Al-Atifi, founder of the Relief Awareness and Rescue Team and Society, explained that as soon as the team received the communication, it was passed on to the members, and from Tawfiq Allah, one of the relief teams (three cars) was near the mobile tower – from which the missing person called the last time. Take the initiative to search for the missing person, to find him dead next to his vehicle, within 3 hours of the team receiving the report, 80 km from the nearest village.

In the missing vehicle, the team found water, food and an integrated estate that would suffice him for about two weeks, and the “instinct” of the car was not difficult, but rather normal.

The head of the rescue team continued: “Near the site of his death – may God have mercy on him – a mobile tower for Zain operates and covers the entire site, but the lost mobile chip stcAnd he is ignorant of the new settings that must be made on his phone in order to be connected to Zain’s broadcast.”

And he added: “Death is undoubtedly a destiny, but everything has a reason. The missing person – may God have mercy on him – was in the convalescence stage of the gastric sleeve operation, which was accompanied by a state of fatigue, fatigue and weakness in the body, which caused him to enter a state of fatigue, then fainting, then a decrease in pressure, and then entering In shock and death.”


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