“He who looks at my fiancee, I fall in love with him”… Confessions of a driver who set fire to a worker in the gardens


The tuk-tuk driver accused of setting fire to a worker in the Basateen area made detailed confessions to the detectives, as the accused said that the injured reflected his fiancee while she was walking in the street.

The accused added that his fiancee informed him that the person reflected on her in the street, so he became enraged and decided to take revenge on him and went to him, and filled petrol from his tuk-tuk and poured it on the victim and set fire to it with a “lighter” and echoed in the street, “The one who opposes my fiance I am fond of.”

The beginning was with a report from the people, with a quarrel and the injury of one person with burns, and by moving and examining, it was found that a verbal altercation had occurred between two people, “one of whom had burns in separate places and was taken to the hospital”, due to the precedent of the injured antagonizing the other’s fiancee, which developed into a quarrel after which the latter obtained a quantity of He drove some gasoline from the tuk-tuk, poured it on the victim and set it on fire using a lighter, causing his injuries.

After legalizing the procedures, the accused was arrested, and when confronting him, he confessed to committing the incident, and legal measures were taken.

The Basateen Prosecution had ordered the detention of a tuk-tuk driver for 4 days pending investigation, on charges of setting a worker on fire in a quarrel between them.

And the detectives of the Cairo Security Directorate were able to arrest a tuk-tuk driver for setting fire to another in a quarrel between them in the orchards area.

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