Heidi Moussa: I felt that I was Hatshepsut while I was singing the chant at the opening of the Way of the Rams | news


Singer Heidi Moussa spoke about the scenes of her participation in the opening ceremony of the Way of the Rams and her presentation of the Hatshepsut chant.

Heidi Moussa said in a telephone interview to the “Ninth” program: “An indescribable feeling of pride and prestige, and as I stood in the temple while singing, I was living in the moment, even in rehearsals, I could not get out of the prestige.”

And she continued: I am happy to participate in front of His Excellency President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, and the whole world sees me, an indescribable feeling.

Regarding the time of preparation for the operetta, Heidi said: “The rehearsals in Luxor were long and intense, because the preparation time was not long. We took recordings and training in movement and standing in the theater from two to three weeks, and recording was more difficult. This is the first time I sing an opera in a language other than Arabic, and it was A great challenge, I thank Nader Al-Abbasi for giving me this great opportunity in front of the whole world.”

She added: Throughout the rehearsals, during the recording, and after my return to Cairo, I felt that I was still in the heart of the event, walking with greatness and my chin up, I felt that I was Hatshepsut who ruled Egypt and challenged all men.

And about her willingness to present Hatshepsut’s chant, she said: The credit goes to Al-Abbasi, we sat together and he understood the words, their feeling and their performance, and he advised me to forget myself and I am now Hatshepsut, so I studied and searched for her to know her well, as she was in her time dead man.

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