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Musician Helmy Bakr spoke about the scenes of the Syndicate of Musical Professions exam for festival singer Hamo Beka, upon which the Syndicate took a decision to stop him from singing.

Helmy Bakr imitated festivals singer Hamo Beka in a comic image during his meeting with the “Hindia and the Stars” program on the “Al-Hadath Al-Youm” channel, accusing him of lying after he stated that the Syndicate’s listening committee asked him to sing to Umm Kulthum, indicating that he left him the freedom to choose the song.

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Helmy Bakr added that Hama Beka entered the listening committee wearing many golden chains, pointing out that the difference of divine sustenance is divine creativity, otherwise it becomes natural to call the money of thieves livelihood.

Helmy Bakr stressed the need to benefit from good young talents in the Egyptian Opera House by creating a special channel for them and supporting them in all ways.

Recently, festival singer Hamo Beka came out in a live video through his account in the Instagram application, to respond to everything that was said at the conference of the Syndicate of Musical Professions, Hani Shaker, regarding his failure in the exams of the listening committee in the union.

Hamo Beka said: “I submitted my full papers to the Syndicate of Musical Professions to obtain membership, and they asked me in the committee to sing for (Umm Kalson) and Halim, why do you confine me to this place, I am a festival singer and I come to you with my fans who love me and love my art.

Listen to minute 5

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