How does Europe confront the new Corona mutant “Omicron”?


was European Union It had imposed, earlier on Friday, a temporary ban on arrivals from South Africa.

And many countries around the world, from the United States to Asian countries, tightened travel restrictions, Friday, after monitoring the mutant, from Corona Virus In South Africa.

An advisory committee of the World Health Organization classified The new mutant, as a highly contagious virus of concern.

This announcement is made by health organization The United Nations, the first classification in months by the organization of one of the Corona mutants in this way.

In the European reactions, German Health Minister Jens Spahn said: “The last thing we need is the emergence of a new mutation that will cause more problems.”

On her part, the president said, European Union CommissionAnd Ursula von der Leyen, said flights “will have to be suspended until we have a clear understanding of the risk this mutant poses, and travelers returning from this area should respect the strict quarantine rules.”

She stressed the need to exercise extreme caution, warning of “the emergence and spread of Corona virus mutant Even more worrying, which could spread across the world within a few months.”

Belgium became the first country in the European Union to announce a case of this mutant, as Belgian Health Minister Frank Vandenbroek said, commenting: “It is a suspicious mutant. We do not yet know how dangerous it is.”

And to comment on the impact of the emergence of this mutator on the European epidemic wave, and the stormy divisions in European countries over the re-imposition of closure policies and strict restrictions, amid widespread popular opposition to returning to those policies, Safa Khalaf, a journalist and researcher specializing in crisis analysis, residing in Norway, said in an interview with the website. “Sky News Arabia”: “There is, of course, a sharp contrast in the policies of European countries to limit the spread of the pandemic, in light of the lack of coordination among them, which is an indication of the fragility of the consensus within the Union, which was reflected in the measures to combat the pandemic.” COVID-19 over the past two years.”

This disparity imposed a division within the European bloc that relies on a single economy policy, facing central economies such as China and the United States, as Khalaf explained, saying: “The main fear is that any new closure means a deterioration of the European economy that is dependent on tax collection to finance government budgets and trade in services, commodities and chains.” Intermediate food supply.

The researcher specializing in crisis analysis pointed out that “the disruption of public life for unknown periods, due to the expansion of the pandemic and the emergence of new mutations, keeps the European Union, in a state of volatility and uncertainty, and destroys the ability to compete as it exhausts public treasuries by paying money, as unemployment compensation as a result of the decline in the ability of companies.” On recruitment And the heavy losses I’ve incurred.”

Khalaf continued, explaining: “The state of European uncertainty reinforces the deep cracks in the structure of an economy that is struggling to address the lack of employment and employment, which mostly depends on the human influx from Eastern European countries, or from Africa and the Middle East, in the form of unplanned waves of migration.”

Khalaf considered that putting countries on travel ban regulations is one of the fragile lines of defense to keep… European economies Open with isolation from the outside, which is an additional argument to prevent the flow of legal immigrants under the cover of the policy of crisis or health emergency.

The World Health Organization had sounded the alarm, warning a few days ago that the pace of transmission of Corona infection in Europe was “very worrying” at the present time, which could lead to the registration of half a million additional deaths on the continent by next February.

And all this comes amid warnings that the approaching winter, which will exacerbate the current epidemic wave in Europe, and which the announcement of the discovery of the new mutant comes to make it more dangerous and ferocious, especially since the Christmas and New Year celebrations, in the absence of controls, will contribute In a wide spread of the disease, according to what health experts warn.

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