How to do it.. How to backup your Apple Watch and restore its data


If you want to protect your data, you should always plan a backup copy of it, because this is very useful in the event that your device breaks or you have to reset it, your data will be safe and sound somewhere else, and backing up your Apple Watch is simple, and below We show you how to back up your data and how to restore it afterwards in case you need to.

Steps to back up your Apple Watch

It’s easy to back up your Apple Watch because it does it for you automatically. When your watch is nearby and connected to your iPhone, it backs up your data to your phone, and you don’t have to turn on any additional settings.

You’ll need to backup if you reset or unpair your Apple Watch, as this will erase all data, and you can use backups to restore what you’ve lost.

Apple Watch data recovery steps

If you reset or unpair your Apple Watch and want to re-pair it with your iPhone, you can set up the watch with a backup, and you’ll be able to choose from several recent backups, including the one that was done correctly when you unpair your watch.

Also, once you re-pair your Apple Watch, you will be given the option to set up the device from scratch, or restore it from a backup, select Restore from backup, and choose the one you want to use. Once the data is restored, you will have to re-pair the watch with any Bluetooth devices. Create a new passcode, and re-enable Apple Pay.


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