If you are addicted and want to be treated, what should you do before applying the law to separate the abuser.. know the details


The Fund for Combating and Treating Addiction and Abuse, headed by Dr. Nevin Al-Kabbaj, Minister of Social Solidarity, Chairman of the Fund’s Board of Directors, continues to invite addictive patients who work in the state’s administrative apparatus to apply for treatment by calling the addiction fund hotline “16023” before the deadline set by the separation law expires. An employee who abuses drugs, which will be implemented as of mid-December, to protect innocent lives and avoid accidents resulting from the problem of working under the influence of drugs, especially in vital facilities that affect the lives of citizens, stressing that those who apply for treatment voluntarily are considered sick and treated free of charge and in complete secrecy. .

This comes at a time when the Addiction Control and Treatment Fund is holding several seminars in cooperation with the governors to familiarize employees and department managers with the mechanisms of drug detection among workers in the state’s administrative apparatus in light of the new law, which will be implemented as of mid-December, and the employee who abuses substances will be dismissed. narcotic;

This comes as part of an initiative launched by the Fund, “The Decision is Your Decision”, to educate employees in the ministries, institutions and various governmental bodies about the harms of drug use and the mechanisms of law enforcement, in the presence of directors of directorates and executive leaders in the governorate.

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