Important points for the husband’s slowness in performing his family duties.. Get to know them


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The most prominent characteristic of married life is the partnership between the husband and his wife in the performance of all household tasks. But in some periods, the wife may notice her husband slowing down, or slackening in the performance of his duties in the family.

This sluggishness may not indicate sluggishness most of the time. Rather, it may be caused by other reasons that the wife must know and investigate.

Here are important points to keep in mind when you notice that your husband is slow in performing his duties in the family.

1- When your husband is physically tired

When you see that your husband is completely tired, continue to deal with him normally. And remember that his neglect or laziness sometimes is a way of expressing his physical fatigue.

2- When your husband is under pressure at work

When your husband is having a bad day at work. Keep this in mind before you attack him because he hasn’t done the chores around the house.

3- When your husband suffers from a financial crisis

If you know he’s nervous about a big bill due, or if he just received bad news about his taxes. or a credit card account that he thought had been paid. Be careful not to raise problems at this time.

4- When your husband feels weak

Even men go through times when they don’t feel good about themselves. If this is how your husband feels. Try not to exacerbate his problems by attacking him or criticizing him about something else

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