In a video, Big Ramy breaks his silence after the spread of photos of his “second marriage”


was “Big RamyHe appeared at a wedding while holding the arm of a veiled bride, which spread widely on social media, especially since it came shortly after he won the olympiaFor the second time in a row, it sparked a storm of controversy.

Various media quoted sources close to “Big Ramy” confirming that he married for the second time, while others confirmed that his first wife and mother of his three daughters were not aware of his marriage.

The opinions of social media users were divided after the circulation of these reports, as many expressed their anger at his acceptance of this step after he reached the pinnacle of fame, considering that he had abandoned his companion (his first wife), and strongly criticized him for not notifying her of the new marriage move.

While others saw that Egyptian hero “He made no mistake”, and that he had the right to marry again and find happiness.

Although Big Ramy avoided commenting on the topic, he posted a video on his Facebook account, in which he addressed the topic indirectly.

He said: “No one knows the circumstances of others, and to judge them. God did not create us to hold each other accountable for anything. Everyone acts and God is the one who holds us accountable. This does not mean that we do not make mistakes, we make mistakes sometimes and we act right sometimes.”

He continued, “The talk is not directed at any topic, but I wanted to say this because I saw that people have occupied themselves in recent days with things that they know nothing about, and do not know their details. In the first and last, may God bless you all.”

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