In pictures, an Egyptian coach leads his team from a bulldozer outside the stadium


In a funny incident in the Egyptian stadiums on Friday, an Egyptian coach drove his team out of the stadium after being suspended and fined.

In addition, the match between the Qutour Youth Center and the Egyptian star teams in the fourth division in Gharbia, northern Egypt, witnessed an amusing situation, as Mohamed Hassanein Eno, the technical director of the Qutour Youth Center, led his team on a “bulldozer” from outside the stadium because of his suspension and the signing of a fine of 50 thousand pounds on him two years ago. , and has not been able to pay it yet.

Interestingly, the coach led his team to a 4-3 victory over his opponent.

A fine that exceeds the club’s capabilities

For his part, the 32-year-old Egyptian coach told Al that he was forced into this situation because of his suspension and his inability to pay the fine, describing it as a large one that exceeds his financial capabilities and the capabilities of his team as well.

He added that his monthly salary does not exceed 3 thousand pounds, equivalent to less than 200 dollars, while the wages of his entire team players do not exceed 10 thousand pounds per month, equivalent to less than 700 dollars, noting that he was subjected to this fine two years ago and during his training for the Qhafa team, which plays In the fourth division, because of a post on his Facebook page in which he criticized the officials of the competition.

He indicated that he resorted to leading his team from the bulldozer outside the stadium, as it helps him to carry out his mission and without exposing him to a new penalty, as it cannot be proven that he is inside the stadium in order to be subjected to a new fine or another suspension.


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