In police custody.. An Egyptian citizen offers his son for sale via Facebook


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The Egyptian city of Helwan witnessed an incident where an Egyptian citizen offered his son for sale in exchange for a sum of money on social media. In less than two weeks, the Egyptian security services arrested the accused of offering his child for sale through Facebook, after they were caught by a woman who committed the same crime.

A security source said, according to “Sky News Arabia”, that the new incident occurred in the Helwan area, south of Cairo.

He added that the information and investigations of the Aftercare Department and the Organized Crime Unit at the Cairo Security Directorate monitored that a person offered his son for sale in exchange for a sum of money “on the pretext of adoption”, through his page on the social networking site “Facebook”, and he displayed a personal picture of the child on the page referred to.

The source added that after the arrest of the accused, it was found that he resides in the Helwan Police Department and has a criminal record, accompanied by his 5-year-old son, who is offered for sale.

During the security interrogation, the accused confessed to committing the crime, justifying his actions that he supported 5 children and was in financial distress, so the idea of ​​offering the child for sale under the guise of adoption through the social networking site Facebook brewed in his mind.

Legal measures were taken against the accused and referred to the Public Prosecution for investigation.

It is noteworthy that on November 15, the security forces in Cairo arrested a woman who offered her newborn child for sale because of his father’s refusal to recognize him. The father was also arrested.

The accused admitted that she did so because the second accused threatened her to deliver a trust that she signed to him in the event of keeping the child, and by confronting the accused with these statements, he admitted them, so they were referred to the Public Prosecution for investigation and a decision was issued to imprison them pending the case and place the infant in one of the care homes under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity.

It should be noted that Egyptian law prohibits the adoption of children except through official institutions that have a childcare license from the Ministry of Social Solidarity.


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