Iran takes steps to enrich uranium to 90%


The Axios news website said today, Monday, that Israel has exchanged information with the United States and its European allies that Iran is taking “technical steps” to prepare to enrich uranium to a purity of 90%. It is the percentage required to produce a nuclear bomb.

The website added, quoting an unnamed American sourceThe intelligence provided by Israel The administration of US President Joe Biden says that these preparatory steps may lead Iran to proceed with enriching uranium at that high rate within weeks if it wants.

Uranium enrichment equipment at the Natanz nuclear facility in Iran (archive)

Uranium enrichment equipment at the Natanz nuclear facility in Iran (archive)

Sources added that US and Israeli intelligence set a timetable, ranging between one and two years, for Iran to master what it described as the “technical requirements” for building a nuclear bomb. She also suggested that Iran would begin enriching uranium to 90% “soon.”

The Axios website said that Israel shared with the Americans an intelligence assessment regarding Iran’s desire to invade “Getting concessions” in the Vienna negotiations aimed at reviving the nuclear deal.

He added that this could prompt the Iranians to increase attacks against US forces and interests in the region through Iranian proxies in Yemen, Syria and Iraq.

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