. Iraq snatches a fatal draw against Oman in the Arab Cup


The Iraqi national team scored a 1-1 draw against its Omani counterpart, today, Tuesday, in the first round of the Arab Cup group stage.

The referee of the match issued the red card in the face of the Iraqi national team player, Yasser Qassem, by the 68th minute, for his country’s team to complete the match with 10 players.

The Oman national team scored the first goal by Salah Al Yahyani in the 80th minute.

With around the 90 + 3 minute, the referee awarded a penalty kick in favor of the Iraqi national team, which was saved by Ahmed Al Rawahi, the Oman goalkeeper, brilliantly and prevented the ball from passing into the net.

The match referee decided to re-execute the penalty kick after the Oman goalkeeper moved before kicking the ball, so player Hassan Abdul Karim advanced to implement the ball and successfully hit the ball into the net

With that result, both teams scored one point from the match, and the result is waiting for Qatar and Bahrain to meet in the same group.

To see the goals.. Click here


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