Is the phenomenon of “wetting” a sign of the Day of Resurrection? .. Azharite scholar answers


Sheikh Ramadan Abdel Razek, one of the scholars of Al-Azhar Al-Sharif, explained that the phenomenon of “blooding” that the Alexandria governorate witnessed recently is considered a natural phenomenon and has indications of the power of God, Lord of the worlds, and has no connection with anger or God’s approval.

He added in remarks to the seventh day, God Almighty said in Aziz book, “Have you not seen that God Extends clouds, and then compose himself and then makes it ruins you see the rain come through it and come down from the sky from the mountains where the cold afflicts him whom He will spend about whom he is almost not His lightning takes away the eyes.” This phenomenon has nothing to do with the signs of the Hour or it is evidence of the signs of the Day of Resurrection or the imminence of the Hour. Rather, it is one of the natural phenomena only and an indication of God’s power.

The rain bomb is known as the “Microburst” phenomenon, which is the emptying of water from the clouds and falling into a single mass, not scattered as it happens in normal rainy times.

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