Jana Miqdad’s engagement buzzes social media… Here are the details


Social media pioneers shared the image of the Birds of Paradise star,​Jana Mekdad​, next to her brother, Mutasim Miqdad, who commented on her, “God willing, Jana Miqdad’s engagement.”

The photo sparked a state of shock and widespread controversy on social media, after revealing the identity of her lover, as many of them confirmed that he is the brother of his wife.Alwaleed Miqdad, Nour Ghassan.
The news that was circulated has nothing to do with the truth, especially since Jana Miqdad is 13 years old, so it is impossible for her parents to accept the idea of ​​her association before she reaches the minimum age of majority.

Jana with a unique look after her weakness

Jana Miqdad, the star of Birds of Paradise, appeared in her latest photo that she posted on her personal page on the social networking site, with a look that shocked the followers, as she seemed to have lost a lot of weight, and commented on the photo with a question: “Good evening.. How are you? Attending or online? I personally like to go to school more.
It was remarkable the answer of her brother, Al-Mu’tasim Billah Miqdad, known as “Asumi”, when he wrote: “We will succeed in it quickly.”
It is noteworthy that Jana occupied the television screens in all homes, and her songs were sung by adults like children, and she is considered one of the best singers on the Birds of Paradise channel, and she gained wide fame in a short period of time.

Jana Mekdad The subject of criticism after her brother’s wedding

The star of Birds of Paradise, Jana Miqdad, was mocked and criticized by some social media activists, because of her appearance at the wedding of her brother, Al-Waleed Miqdad. Many considered that the simple dress she chose, spoiled it with the scarf that she put over it, so she seemed to be older than her age, in addition to the strong make-up, but on the other hand, many commentators defended her, who considered that the issue is personal freedom, and tastes differ from one person to another, and no right For anyone to interfere in this matter, noting that she did not like her charms to appear in the photo she took, and this is a sign of respect.


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