Khaled Okasha: The federal system in Ethiopia is at stake, and talk of a safe exit for Abi Ahmed


Brigadier General Khaled Okasha, Director of the Egyptian Center for Thought and Strategic Studies, said that the federal system in Ethiopia It became at stake as soon as the Tigray forces entered the Ethiopian capital, explaining that the “Tigrays” were able to recruit many elements within the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa and its surrounding areas, which made it easier for them to enter some cities and became close to the capital.

“Okasha” added, during a phone call to the “Life Today” program, presented by the journalist Muhammad Mustafa Sherdy, via the “Al-Hayat” channel, that Abi Ahmed’s policies during the last period made him acquire many enemies who wished for the demise of his rule, at a time when many united of the opposition factions and strengthen their ranks.

Okasha pointed out that America is looking for solutions to prevent the opposition from entering the capital by force of arms, pointing out that the talk is now about a deal for a safe exit for Abi Ahmed and a period of rearranging the political scene in Ethiopia.

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