La Palma volcano is close to setting a record as the longest eruption in 500 years.. Video


The Cumbre Vieja volcano on the island of La Palma is close to setting the record in history in terms of the number of days of eruption, as its eruption has been going on for about 70 days, and the eruption of the Cumbre Vieja volcano continues to arouse the curiosity of many, as the Canary Islands are an area of ​​great natural wealth thanks to its volcanic formation.

The Spanish channel RTV said that volcanic eruptions have been documented with great accuracy throughout history. Over the centuries, most volcanoes and their eruptions have been accurately recorded, which is data that later allowed researchers to learn more about many formations, and thus, Cumbre Vieja erupted in September 19 After a few days of intense seismic activity on the island, its activity is still continuing, with the exception of stopping it in the coming days, as according to experts, the cessation of the volcanos activity is not close.

The channel confirmed that the Cumbre Vieja volcano has a little less than two weeks ahead of it, to become the longest continuous volcanic eruption in half a century. This will take you to the highest historical list in the world of volcanoes.

Its unusual properties have prompted specialists from all over the world to set foot in the area. In addition, its seemingly endless activity has piqued the curiosity of many, turning the area into a fascinating tourist space.

The island continues to record seismic episodes regularly, leading researchers to believe that the volcano will continue to be active for much longer.

At this point, more than 70 days after the lava was expelled, Cumbre Vieja is close to breaking the all-time record, according to Francisco Prieto, president of the company. Pevolc, who confirmed that the volcano will exceed many past records due to its continuous activity.

Thus, it takes 71 days of continuous eruption until November 29. If everything remains the same, it will take only 13 days to overcome the 84 days of continuous emissions, which is the longest eruption in the last 500 years.

It should be noted that two volcanoes in La Palma hold the longest records in half a century. The first record that Cumbre Vieja can access is the Martin volcano, which spent 82 days continuously expelling material.

Taguya holds the absolute record with 84 days of continuous eruption. It seems that both will be overtaken by Cumbre Vieja, whose lava continues for more than two months, and its activity does not stop.

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