Learn about the most prominent candidates to succeed Halim in the border guards


Border Guard officials entered into official negotiations with a number of coaches to succeed Mohamed Halim in the technical leadership of the team, after the latter submitted his resignation from the military club’s training after his tie in the sixth round with Kafr El-Sheikh without goals at Kafr El-Sheikh Stadium.

Among the most prominent candidates are Mohamed Salah, the former technical director of the channel, Khaled Eid, the technical director of Ghazl El-Mahalla, and Ayman Al-Muzain, the former technical director of Suez.

Haras El Hodoud team occupies second place with 11 points and has a postponed match with Raja El Matrouhi in the first round of the second division of the third group.

Despite the good level offered by the border guards with Mohamed Halim, the latter preferred to submit his resignation to the board of directors, content with the long period he spent with the team, whether in the league or the second division, while leaving him while he was in the competition for the spotlight.


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