Libya.. “The Electoral Commission” reveals developments and the Security Council threatens


The Commission called on the voters who did not receive their electoral cards, to go to collect them from the polling stations in order to be able to participate in the elections The election The presidential and parliamentary elections, scheduled for December 24.

The commission had issued more than 2.8 million ballot papers in electoral centers in order to hand them over to citizens registered as voters, and set the date of November 28 as the last date for the delivery of electoral cards.

The Libyan High Elections Commission also issued Resolution No. 80 regarding the adoption of the preliminary list of candidates Presidential election, marking the opening of appeals in its procedures and decisions.

On Wednesday, the commission excluded 25 candidates, most notably Saif al-Islam Gaddafi, justifying these procedures that they do not meet the conditions of candidacy, noting that appealing the procedures and decisions of the Commission shall be within 48 hours from the date of the issuance of the decision or the implementation of the procedure.

The Commission specified the branches and electoral administration offices that are authorized to receive appeals, provided that they are within the jurisdiction of the courts of appeal in each of the Tripoli Extravagant means of healing and healing.

Libyan political analyst Ibrahim Al-Fitouri said that the commission is proceeding legally towards holding the elections, and that it is committed until this moment to all the provisions set for accepting and rejecting the candidates.

Al-Fitouri added, during an interview with “Sky News Arabia”, that “the announcement of a tentative list is expected, and it is certain that the rest of the candidates have referred their papers to the competent authorities in order to decide on their candidacy.”

He stressed that “the final list may reach 50 or less after examining the appeals and so on,” noting that the high turnout of voters to obtain their card is a positive thing.

Al-Fitouri also stressed the need for the international community to monitor what is happening inside Libya to prevent any surprise that would disrupt the electoral process.

Warnings of obstructing the elections

In the context of continuous international warnings against obstructing the elections, he threatened to Security Council The international community, during its session on Wednesday, imposed sanctions on those obstructing the electoral process in Libya.

The Security Council also expressed its aspiration for the High National Elections Commission to formalize the timetable for the polling process, and implement it in a peaceful environment.

The Council stressed the importance of the peaceful transfer of power in the Libya after the elections.

The US State Department’s political advisor, Jeffrey DiLaurentis, warned of the consequences of obstructing the holding of the upcoming presidential and legislative elections.

DiLaurentis confirmed in a press statement that “interference in Libyan elections Attempting to obstruct it, or the use of violence may lead to the imposition of sanctions, and that threatening to boycott it will not promote peace, and the Council must hold its obstructers accountable.”

The First Deputy Permanent Representative of Russia to the United Nations, Dmitry Alekseevich Polyansky, also stressed that his country intends to continue to actively participate in international efforts to promote a political settlement in Libya, through purposeful work with the Libyan parties.

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