“Local Development” identifies 4 ways to receive complaints from citizens from neighborhoods and localities


A few days ago, the Ministry of Local Development celebrated the 3rd anniversary of the launch of the “Initiative”Your voice is heardLaunched by the Ministry in October 2018, through which it receives complaints from citizens from neighborhoods, localities and governorates. Since its launch, the initiative has received about 390,440 messages since its launch, including 74,198 complaints, of which 71.5 thousand were resolved, or 96.4%, and ongoing 2697 complaints resolved.

“The Seventh Day” explains in the following points the ways to send complaints to the Ministry of Local Development:

First: Through the central operations room of the Ministry of Local Development at: 27957837, 33356708, or fax 33378597.

Second: Through the Your Voice is Heard initiative, via the WhatsApp number (01150606783) and the hotline number (15330).

Third: Through the initiative’s official website on the social networking site “Facebook”.

Fourth: Via the e-mail of the Ministry of Local Development, [email protected]

Major General Mahmoud Sharawy, Minister of Local Development, confirmed that the Your Voice is Heard initiative is based on two main axes: the first is entitled “Responsive management for the citizen”, where the citizen is an active and participating party in the system of fighting corruption, neglect and waste of resources and the lack of effectiveness and efficiency of local authorities’ performance of the services they perform, In addition to the citizen’s right to present his suggestions through managing an integrated platform to communicate with citizens, noting that the second axis is entitled “Local administration that moves and works for the citizen”, by addressing problems, resolving complaints and responding to citizens’ inquiries through the integrated platform to communicate with citizens, and that Through the existence of a permanent mechanism to manage the initiative at all local levels in the ministry and the governorates.

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