Maha Ahmed accused of immorality and sexual innuendo!


The Egyptian artist, Maha_Ahmed, caused a great controversy on social media during the past hours, after the live broadcast that she conducted through her account with a gay young man, in which she engaged in immoral conversations.

Followers launched a major attack on the artist because of the live broadcast and her bold conversations. They reject dialogue, which they consider to be contrary to the values ​​and customs of Egyptian society.

Lawyer Ashraf Farhat, founder of the campaign to cleanse society, filed a complaint against the artist, Maha Ahmed, accusing her of spreading immorality and immorality.

In his communication No. 116650 Petitions of the Attorney General, Farhat stated that the defendant, actress Maha Ahmed, came out to us through an application called Migo Live with a live broadcast attached to the CD that we will present with the investigations, accompanied by a young man who calls for homosexuality, and this is clear from the pictures of his account and they started a dialogue with A person claiming to be a pharmacist and claiming to be a woman.

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In his communication against the artist Maha Ahmed, Farhat continued that the dialogue began with an explicit sexual suggestion, and the complainant supported him in that, and even asked him to keep up with him and ask him to use words that incite immorality and immorality, and then conclude her speech in front of everyone present in that announced live broadcast. General, as shown in the video attached to the CD, that all pharmacists described them with a bad word, according to his description, in order to obtain in front of her followers thousands of a certain sect and despise the medical profession, which as long as it provided the Egyptian people with many, many and sacrificed their lives in light of the fight against the damned virus Covid-19 And all of this is not interested in that it sends a bad message about art and artists.

In his statement, Farhat confirmed that the artist directly offends the Egyptian society by committing several crimes through this application, and many platform owners have circulated this incident through social media, announcing their demand to prosecute every person who committed a crime regardless of his capacity and person. We are a state of law and state law has permitted Within the text of Article 25 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, anyone who has knowledge of a crime may report it as long as it falls within the jurisdiction of the Public Prosecution for investigation.

And the lawyer continued: By watching that broadcast of the defendant, it became clear that he violates Law 175 of 2018 regarding combating information technology crimes, so that the elements of the two crimes, the text of Article 25 and 26 of it, are available, contrary to what the Public Prosecution dictates about a description of this matter after investigation in it as the authority that represents society, so we seek help Your justice is to protect us from those personalities who do not care and who are all concerned with money, fame and spread for that.

In his communication, Farhat demanded a speedy investigation into that incident, summoning the complainant against her and those who assisted her in that, and investigating and prosecuting them for their actions in accordance with the relevant laws, with the order to prevent her from traveling until the investigation is completed and enabling the complainant to file a civil claim before the defendant in the amount of 100001 EGP as a temporary civil compensation is allocated Its output is for cancer and children’s hospitals.


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