“Mahbash Al-Labs Al-Arian”…Mohamed Diaa reveals the scenes of his divorce from Menna Fadali | Video


The composer, Mohamed Diaa, spoke during his interview with Raghida Shalhoub on the “Nas El Kalam” program broadcast on Al-Nahar channel, about the story of his marriage and divorce from the artist Menna Fadali.

Muhammad Dia explained the reasons for their customary marriage, saying: “When all the conditions of customary marriage are fulfilled, I think that it remains permissible, including publicity and guardianship. This happened with a contract and I used a valid signature in a court, but I did not want to announce the matter.”

He added: “I did this because the temporary marriage is called a temporary marriage. I did it as if it was an engagement, even if the touch of a hand remains permissible, temporarily until I enter the stage of official marriage.”

Muhammad Zia denied their customary marriage because of Menna Fadali’s mother’s refusal, saying: “Her mother was with us from the first day to the last, and I can give you the pictures.”

He also denied hitting Menna Fadali, and said: “I swear to God, I never hit her, not once. Because I swore once that I put her in a bunch, I wanted to count, and I told her to keep me away.”

And about the reason for their divorce, he said: “A picture I saw that I liked. I agree with it that there are limits that you wear a little naked dress, I hate naked clothes.”

He added that he saw the photo in a group of photos from a photoshoot for the song “Valentine” that he was preparing for Majd Al-Qassem, and Menna Fadali did not tell him about it.


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