Maryam is an important station in my life


Despite her young age and experience, she always strives to present the different on the screen, and also in her life, which has become controversial, as she does not depend on being the daughter of the great musician Hani Muhanna, or the wife of the artist Ahmed Khaled Saleh, during the last period she was able to prove that she is an actress trying to She is taking her steps quite steadily, and she is waiting for the presentation of many cinematic and television works, including the movie “The Night of the Feast”, “Crocodiles of the Nile” and the series “The Egg of Dahab”.. She is currently shown the series “Except I” and “A Tale without Guarantee”, and she will also achieve one. Some of her dreams will soon be on the screen and other details that she announces in an exclusive interview with Al website.

Before and after she lost a lot of weight

Before and after she lost a lot of weight

Tell us about the success of “Except I”, especially since it is your first tournament?

I was pleased with this success, as the scriptwriter Youssef Wajih wanted to deliver an important message through this work, which monitors realistic models of women from within the community and topped the trend more than once due to the intensity of the audience’s interaction with him, and that the role was distinguished and I was pleased with my choice of this role and my happiness increased with the audience’s reactions after The success of the series, which became a trend on social media.

And how was your preparation for the story “Without Guarantee”, which achieved great success among viewers?

The script was written by Youssef Wajih, and the paper was very sweet and professionally written, and he was easy to understand and explained everything, so he was easy to study, and the story was completed with the help of Yasmine, the director, who managed the story in a distinctive way, even if I felt nervous in front of the artist Ahmed Kishk because he is a different actor. In addition to his love of acting, he appeared in the series “Abu Jabal”, in one scene in the tenth episode, we all talked about him, and he spoke for 8 minutes without any boredom, it is not easy. From my point of view, I see that Ahmed Kishk is one of the best actors on the scene.

Hanadi Muhanna

Hanadi Muhanna

The series achieved great success, and the best evidence for comments is what was written about it on social media, especially among girls?

I did not imagine all this success, but thank God for all the reactions we got, especially the girls, they were very affected by the story, whether mothers or daughters or those who did not experience marriage or married women, but I am happy that there are people who were not aware that they were oppressed and discovered the occurrence of injustice After the story was shown to them, they were not aware of how to obtain their rights, and because of the series, they knew how to obtain their rights, rehabilitate and defend their rights, and this is something that makes a big difference to me, and of course the men did not like the work. The series made his wife cause many problems at home, so I am happy with these comments because they are evidence of success.

Hanadi Muhanna

Hanadi Muhanna

How do you see the character of “Maryam” for you?

I consider it an important station in my professional life, and the most beautiful role in my life, and I received many messages that are similar to the story of the series. The story revealed very many benefits to the viewers, and the girls who did not take the advice of their fathers discover in the future that all their advice is true, so this is the first time that I interact with A series in this way, and the idea of ​​the family home is rejected, the spouses must live outside the family home so that there are no problems in dealing, and all the participants in the story were very well represented.

What is the difference between your personality and the character of “Maryam” in the work?

The difference in the work is the calmness between her real personality and that of Mary, which my husband Ahmed Khaled Saleh liked, and he used to study the scenes for me, and also helped me to do a very harsh diet, and I was very depressed in the stages of the diet, and I resorted to a diet and other things, and I had made a vow I have to myself that I will go back to my clothes size in 2018, and the clothes scale, not the kilogram scale, and it was a difficult period, and I went down from 40 to 50 kilograms.”

Will this series only make you go to the championship?

I do not consider myself able to present starring roles in dramas, for a story without guaranteeing a story that required the presence of a heroine at this age and in the same way, I am still at the beginning of the road, and I do not want to rush and present works in which I am the heroine, I am still at the beginning of the road to be The heroine of a new work, and I must develop and learn in order to be responsible, for the series “Except I” is biased towards women, and I am biased towards the truth, as many women are subjected to great injustice. This does not mean that I am biased towards women, as I am not a feminist, but I am a person with the truth, and I am ready to present a new story from the series “Except I,” and it can revolve around the vision crisis that many mothers and women suffer from in Egypt. The vision stories are very big and have problems, Women are oppressed in it in Egypt, they need to take their right and men need to know that they got more than their right in stages.

And what about the new?

Nile Crocodiles with Khaled El-Sawy, Bayoumi Fouad, Mustafa Khater, Hamdi Al-Mirghani, Wizo, Mohamed Tharwat, Hanadi Muhanna, Karim Afifi, Suleiman Eid, Mohamed Gomaa, Badria Tolba, Suzan Najm El-Din, Lama Katket, written by Louay El-Sayed, directed by Sameh Abdulaziz, who is scheduled to be shown during the coming period, and I am happy with this work and awaiting its presentation quickly, as I present for the first time a musical performance during the film. Since my childhood, my dream has been to sing, and this dream was achieved through “Nile Crocodiles”, during which I will sing in more than one language, including Spanish, English, French and Arabic, and even Arabic. Despite my refusal to offer comedic roles because I feel that I cannot present them, but in this film the character attracted me and decided to present it, especially that the film has a dramatic story as well.


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