Medical report: The death of the victims of the Mohandessin hospital fire as a result of inhaling toxic fumes


The fire of a private hospital in the Mohandessin area, one of the issues that occupied public opinion during the recent period, especially after it was found that among the victims of the accident, the artist’s brother, Tayseer Fahmy, many details about the case are still not revealed yet, and the role of the auxiliary devices will be to determine the causes of the fire, and to indicate all Circumstances of the incident.

The medical report of the victims indicated that the death occurred as a result of third-degree burns, in addition to inhaling huge amounts of carbon monoxide, and the rest of the toxic gases that rose as a result of the fire.

The health condition of the injured began to stabilize, and the investigation authorities listened to their statements, as part of the investigations they are conducting to reveal more details about the incident.

For his part, the criminal lab men are continuing their efforts to examine the forensic evidence collected from the fire site, to determine the causes of the ignition and spread of the fire. The prosecution heard the statements of a number of workers and officials of a private hospital in the Mohandessin area, about the fire that broke out inside the hospital, who stated that while they were carrying out their work tasks, they were surprised by the outbreak of fire inside one of the medical departments, and the flames surrounded a number of patients..

And they continued in their statements to the investigation authorities, that they tried to use fire extinguishers to control the fire, but it spread very quickly, and prevented the possibility of controlling it, at that time the security officials informed the civil protection men.

They added that shortly after, ambulances arrived at the hospital site and were able to deal with the fire, but the accident resulted in the death of a patient (brother of the artist, Tayseer Fahmy), a female patient of a foreign country, and the injury of 2 others. The emergency room in the Giza Security Directorate received a report stating that a fire broke out in a hospital in the Mohandessin area. The civil protection men moved to the scene of the incident, and the fire was surrounded and extinguished, which resulted in the death of two people and the injury of two others..

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