Metwally is ready to participate in Al-Ahly’s training after resuming training


A source in Al-Ahly club revealed that Mahmoud Metwally, the defender of the red team, has recovered from a knee injury, which he has complained about since the beginning of the current season, and has disrupted his start with Al-Ahly since he recovered from a cruciate ligament injury.

The source stressed that Mahmoud Metwally is medically ready to participate in Al-Ahly’s collective training, but the technical staff’s point of view remains to involve the player in the training.

The source explained that Metwally completed the last stage of the rehabilitation program that he underwent during the last period, and he only needs to obtain the approval of the technical staff before the group training, after his condition was reassured by the heart of the Al-Ahly medical staff.

Al-Ahly coach Pitso Musimani will receive a special report on the condition of Mahmoud Metwally, the team’s defender, who has suffered from a long hamstring injury in the past period. Training due to a recent injury.

Al-Ahly will return to training the day after tomorrow, Thursday, in preparation for the upcoming engagements in the league championship, after the five-day break that the team recently obtained after the top match that Al-Ahly won 5/3 in the third round of the league championship.

Musimani gave Al-Ahly players a rest of 5 days, provided that the team returns to training on Thursday, and 12 players will be absent from Al-Ahly at the beginning of the next training period.


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