Mohamed Mounir receives condolences for his nephew in Abdeen.. tomorrow


King Mohamed Mounir revealed the date of his nephew’s funeral, which will be held tomorrow, Wednesday, in the Al-Dur Association in Abdeen, and Mounir appeared a short time ago in the tombs in which his nephew was buried, on Fayoum Road, where he sat outside his car next to his older sister, affected by the death of her son.

King Muhammad Munir was keen, while he was in the family’s graves, to read Al-Fatihah to his business manager and his sister’s husband, Mahmoud, who was greatly affected by his loss and considered him a broken back due to the friendship that had brought them together since childhood.

The great star, Mohamed Mounir, was in great shock, after he left our world, his nephew Moatasem Kamal, 42, yesterday evening, from a brain hemorrhage.

And King Mohamed Mounir returned to Cairo at the beginning of this month from Germany, after spending nearly 30 days in which he participated in a number of parties, and he also made a visit to his team of doctors to check on his health, and King Mohamed Mounir is currently preparing to choose a number of single songs. To put them out during the winter season.


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