Mortada: A new page with Al-Ahly .. and there is no problem with Carteron


Mortada Mansour, president of Zamalek Club, confirmed that he opened a new page with Al-Ahly’s board of directors headed by Mahmoud Al-Khatib and congratulated him after winning the elections, noting that the players who were sold and loaned will return to the White Castle.

And Mortada said, in a video clip he posted on “YouTube”, accompanied by Amir Mortada Mansour, the general supervisor of the ball in Zamalek, and Mahmoud Shikabala, the team leader: “One of the most important violations against me was that I give the players more than they deserve, so I was asking whether I gave them more than they deserved or did I not? “Give them their money? But they are heroes and they deserve it.”

He added: “I congratulated Al-Ahly’s board of directors after winning the elections, we start a new page with everyone, and if you go back to the press conference, you will find that I said to extend my hand to Al-Ahly’s board of directors in order to renounce fanaticism and sedition and without any sovereign body asking me to do so, when it would be an occasion for suffocation. We will suffocate, but when it is an occasion to congratulate, we will congratulate.”

And he continued, “The journalist Ahmed Moussa says that he is sad because Al-Ahly will remain for a year without a deputy, and I tell him how Zamalek remained a year without a board of directors? However, our Lord honored them with the league championship, praise be to God, and they want them to play their tricks, we are in their back and support them, and we brought them back Amir Mortada Mansour.” Because they love and trust him.”

Regarding the fate of French coach Patrice Cartieron, Mortada confirmed: “We have absolutely no problem with Cartieron. Amir Mortada Mansour held a meeting with him and confirmed the club’s support for him, and asked him to remove the one who stirs up sedition, the agent Hazem Al-Hadidi, especially since Amir and Ahmed Mortada Mansour were the ones who brought The coach is from France, and he’s the one who left the club.”

He stressed: “All players who were loaned or sold by the previous committees that ran the club will return to Zamalek, especially since it does not have any powers to do so. Those decisions belong to the board of directors and FIFA recognizes the board of directors and not the committee. A member of the board of directors and this is not true, if the member of the committee wrote that FIFA would not approve it, the migratory birds will return.”

He continued: “Hamada Anwar took over the junior sector in the club. It is not possible for people to come to complain because our son plays. What happened? One of his sons played because a plumber repairs an Arabic for so-and-so, or so-and-so has an academy. But his talent, do not paint an Arabic, do not shave for free, and I am the son of Hussein al-Sayed, all this talk is canceled and spoiled the place.

He stressed: “I ask the fans to be patient, Ahmed Adel Abdel-Fattah receives the basketball, volleyball and hand sectors, reviews the compliments, we will work to return the club to the state it was in before November 30, 2020”.

And the President of Zamalek concluded, saying: “With regard to the call for the elections of the Zamalek club, a session was held with the Minister of Youth and Sports, after he consulted the Fatwa and Legislation Department of the State Council on the regulation that will be applied, and we are waiting for a response, and the date of the elections will be on January 20, 21 and 22 next.”


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