Muhammad Abdullah to Musimani: Al-Ahly’s performance is not convincing, and luck, if he serves you once, will not serve you again


Mohamed Abdullah, the former Al-Ahly and Zamalek player, believes that Al-Ahly’s performance with South African coach Pitso Mosimane is not convincing so far, although the team achieved the full mark in the league by winning the first 5 rounds of the competition, the last of which was the Ghazl El-Mahalla match.

Muhammad Abdullah said in statements on the “News On Time” program: “No one knows what is in Musimani’s mind. He is supposed to learn from his mistakes and correct his situation, especially since the team is entering important matches in Africa, and there are matches that you may not be able to return to.” And you must score a high score to be assured.

He added: In a match Al Ahly And Zamalek Al-Ahly advanced 5/1, this means that the match ended, but Zamalek returned, and if there were 10 additional minutes, Zamalek would have drawn, and luck if he served you once, he will not serve you another, and I hope Musimani learns from those mistakes because Al-Ahly is a big club, and it must be The technical staff is aware of the progress of the match and the atmosphere, you already have players who have very high potential and yet the performance is below par.

He continued: The methods of the game are the same, but the most important is who will apply your method and the capabilities of the players, the crisis in managing matches and changes, and most of Mosimane’s changes come in the opposite of what is expected, although the quality in Al-Ahly is able to implement any game map.

He continued, speaking about Zamalek: Bin Sharqi left a big void in the Zamalek team yesterday, and the team is not as strong as last year, and the absence of reinforcements and the stability of the formation from last year negatively affected the team.


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