Muhammad Abu Trika: The statements of the former Al-Ahly star about the campaigns to support gays in the English Premier League raise widespread criticism


Statements made by Egyptian football star Mohamed Aboutrika about campaigns to support homosexuals in the English Premier League sparked widespread controversy in sports circles and among minority rights activists on social media.

Former Al-Ahly player Mohamed Aboutrika

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Former Al-Ahly player Mohamed Aboutrika

Aboutrikas speech came on the “BN Sport” channel, during an analytical studio episode of a match in the English Premier League, which brought together the Chelsea and Manchester United teams. Aboutrika referred to the official tours in which the English Premier League supports gay rights between November 27 and December 2, by wearing players supporting gay slogans such as arm ties, pins and shoelaces in rainbow colors.

He said, “Of course, the English Premier League is technically the strongest in the world, but there are phenomena that do not fit our faith and religion,” and he spoke about “the heavenly religions fighting homosexuality.”

The former Al-Ahly star also called on Arab and Muslim players and sports commentators to “confront these campaigns and not participate in them.”


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