Muhammad Dia reveals the details of his secret marriage to Menna Fadali and the fact that he beat her


The composer, Muhammad Zia, responded for the first time to his ex-wife’s statements Menna Fadali About being beaten by his hands, and previously denying her marriage to him and claiming that their engagement was only an engagement and that her mother was rejecting their marriage, and pointed out that Menna makes these statements in search of a trend as the fastest way now to search for work and fame.

Muhammad Dia and Raghda Shalhoub from the text of speech program – the photo is from her account on Facebook

Diaa denied, during his meeting with the program “The Text of the Words”, that the media presenter, Raghida Shalhoub, via Al-Nahar channel, his marriage to Menna Fadali, stressing that Mennas mother has been with them since the first day and he has evidence for that through their photos together.

Muhammad Zia explained: When all the customary conditions are completed, I think it remains permissible, including publicity and guardianship. This happened with a contract and I used a valid signature in a court, but I did not want to announce the matter, and I made this decision because the temporary marriage is called a temporary marriage, I made it as if it was an engagement, even if Touch of hands remains permissible, temporarily, until I enter the stage of formal marriage.

Muhammad Zia confirmed that he did not hit Menna Fadali at all, saying: I swear to God, I never hit her, because I swore once that I gave her a bunch of stuff I wanted to count, and I told her to keep me away.

Zia also revealed the reason behind their divorce, noting that he saw a picture of her that he did not like in revealing clothes, adding: I agree with her that there are limits in that you wear a little naked dress, I do not like the naked clothes, indicating that he saw this picture in a group of photos from a photo session For the song Valentine he was preparing for Majd Al-Qasim, and Menna Fadali did not tell him about it.

It is reported that Menna Fadali admitted in 2019 that she had secretly married the composer Muhammad Diaa for a period of six whole months. He prevented her from completing her artistic career as an actress, and denied that she had directed any abuse to her ex-husband, and refused to respond to statements attributed to him that included an insult to her, stressing that she was not confident of the validity of these statements.

And she added, during her meeting with the program “Long Live the Six”, broadcast on “Al-Nahar” channel, presented by the media, Raghida Shalhoub, that she agreed to complete the marriage secretly out of respect for the desire of the composer Muhammad Diaa, as he was going through a problem related to his son, pointing out that the experience passed quickly as it did not exceed 6 Months.

Menna Fadali: Dia just hit me once

Fadali confirmed, that Muhammad Zia assaulted her once, stressing that he had an objection to her continuing to act, in addition to his refusal to wear the clothes she wore and to publish her photos on the social media, so he was quarreling with her all the time, and refusing her frequent exit from the house and her presence at parties and I refused I requested it because I am an artist and I have the right to work.

And she continued: The separation was due to his assault on her, and his constant insistence on rejecting her clothes along with jealousy and suspicion, pointing out that the decision to divorce was made quietly, and she does not know the reason for provoking crises between them after all these years, stressing that she did not think of referring to him again, and he did not raise The idea is from the ground up and we agreed to remain friends.

Menna revealed that her first engagement was to music more than 21 years older than her, and she admired his gentleness and singing for her, but the marriage project was not completed for reasons she refused to explain, and it is known that Menna got engaged to music distributor Adel Haqqi before marrying Muhammad Dia.

Menna Fadali confirmed that her relationship with the composer Muhammad Dia did not go beyond the stage of courtship, while the latter confirmed that the marriage took place, and refused to accuse him of assaulting her by beating, after which he married the Moroccan singer Jannat, who also denied the marriage and responded by publicizing the official marriage document.

Menna recently revealed that she regretted many decisions in her life, explaining that the thing she regretted the most was not getting married and preferring art over marriage.

Menna Fadali said that the decision to prefer art over marriage was hasty, and she continued, in statements to the “Echo of the Stadiums” program: I regretted many needs, among which the time came when I was going to get married and preferred art over marriage and I was very hasty, and I discovered that the family is more important than work.

She continued, “If my life had come back, I would have agreed to marry and quit work,” noting that her future husband’s characteristics were that he would be crazy because her behavior was unexpected.

She added: He must be capable because I am very wasteful, and he can provide for our needs, and he must love me and my mother.

Menna had previously expressed her longing for the feelings of motherhood, and posted a video clip, through her official account on the Instagram website, accompanied by a baby girl, and commented on him saying: The best feeling in the world is motherhood. More beautiful than children and the successor, may God bless all people with good offspring.”

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