Musimani threatens Al-Ahly: I will not wait for the end of the season to renew me… and the Gulf knows me


The coach of the first football team in Al-Ahly club revealed, Bitso Mosimane, about the reason for not traveling to his country, South Africa, especially during the current break in the Egyptian League.

The Egyptian League is suspended for the Egyptian national team’s participation in the 2021 Arab Cup, which will be held in Qatar from November 30 to December 18.

Al-Ahly, under the leadership of Musimani, leads the Egyptian league standings with 18 points, with the full mark, by winning the six matches that the team has played so far in the local championship.

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Mahmoud Khatib

Musimani conducted an interview with the South African “City Press” network via the “Zoom” application, and “” obtained a copy of the entire interview, and said: “I could have returned in the current period to my country, especially with Al-Ahly taking a break because of the Arab Cup.”

He continued, “But I decided to stay here because there are a number of things to follow and attend, and there were elections going on at the club.”

He added, “I was not part of the Al-Ahly elections, but we were following what was going on. It is like the elections of presidents in countries around the world.”

And about his feelings after the re-election, Mahmoud Khatib, as president of Al-Ahly Club and “Is it good news for him?” He replied: “Yes, of course.”

He continued his statements: “Look, we have a good relationship, my wife and my manager (Moreira Tlagali) is coming here and one of the things on the table will be my contract with the management because it expires at the end of the current season.”

He continued, “So Al-Ahly must make its decision about whether they liked my work with the team or not. You cannot wait until the end of the season, because the club already knows the coach who leads the team, especially since we worked very hard and did a good job.”

He continued: “The Gulf knows me, if nothing new happens, I will not stay without a job, but it would be good to stay in the biggest club in the Middle East, you can move to other clubs and sometimes you can get more money.”

“Of course, the name and history of the club you’re coaching already makes the difference, it’s exciting to win with big clubs.”

He added: “When Bebo was elected president of the club Al Ahly The team had not won the African Champions League for a while, but it finished its first term very well and won five titles so far. We also returned to international competitions through the Club World Cup and we will participate for the second time in the coming period.”

And he added, “He spoke well of me on TV (On Time Sport), saying that I deserved a new contract, this is his opinion that he expressed in front of public opinion.”

He added: “When you are Al-Ahly coach, Bebo gives you all the necessary powers to take all the required decisions, and this does not mean that you are only responsible for the team or the training, but you are also the president of the club, and he told me that no one can speak after I speak in the entire club, so this is it The responsibility he gave me, but I do not act according to this logic, but in all humility.”

He continued his statements: “I have a football manager, Syed Abdel Hafeez, and he is the person who deals with all the things that I do not want to deal with. He also wore the number 10 shirt.

He concluded his statements: “Bebo is a legend and understands football well. Our meetings are short and direct. The questions are simple. How are you and how do we support you?”


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