Nader Abbasi reveals to “The Seventh Day” the scenes of preparing for the opening ceremony of the Rams Road


The longing of the maestro Nader Abbasi His followers on Facebook and his fans were surprised by a great surprise, after he wrote through his account on “Facebook” words in which he said: “Wait for us on November 25, 2021,” which prompted his fans to speculate about the event in a big way, especially with what Nader Abbasi presented while leading the orchestra in celebration of a procession. The mummies dazzled the whole world.

Nader Abbasi
Nader Abbasi

In exclusive statements to “The Seventh Day”, Nader Abbasi revealed the expected surprise, saying: “For the past period, we have been attending the opening ceremony of the Rams Road, in which we highlight all of Luxor to be adorned in it for everyone who sees it. We will do the old thing during the ceremony, after we tried to use the notices recorded on the walls of Luxor and carefully review them with Minister Khaled Anani, who followed up all the details, to re-celebrate an ancient Egyptian feast as long as the Egyptians celebrated many years ago.

Nader Abbasi continued: “This feast was called ‘The Opet Festival’, as this feast was like a special carnival that takes place annually in Luxor, during which kings are installed or happy occasions and memories are celebrated.”

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