Nader Hamdi publishes photos of his child, accompanied by the artist Omar Diab, under the title “A new duet in the meeting of the giants.”


The artist, Nader Hamdi, published, through his official account on the “Instagram” photo and video exchange application, pictures of his newly born son, and the artist appeared with him. Amr diab, where Nader Hamdi was keen to hide the child’s face in pictures.

Nader Hamdy

The artist, Nader Hamdi, commented on the pictures, writing: “A new duet in the meeting of the giants, with the star Amr Diab and the rising star Seif Nader Hamdi.”

Nader Hamdy
Ibn Nader Hamdi and artist Amr Diab

In the pictures, Nader Hamdi’s wife, producer Sarah Hosni, appeared, and fans and their friends interacted with him from the center with funny comments.

Nader Hamdy
Nader Hamdy

It is reported that I, the artist, Nader Hamdi, married the producer, Sarah Hosni, last February, and a number of friends and relatives and from the sports community attended the wedding.

Nader Hamdy
Nader Hamdy

The couple appeared on the “With You, Mona Al-Shazly” program, which is broadcast on the “cbc” screen, where he spoke through the program about the details of their relationship, saying: “For hours, I will stay at home, I find a contagious one, dressed in sarees, and a woman who prays, I find myself asking who is this,” before he realizes Then she is his wife.

His wife Sarah said that she suffers from waking him from sleep, as it is difficult for him to wake up easily and when he wakes up, he is in a nervous mood.

Hamdi stated that his mother had a trick to deal with this matter, as she was always deluding him that his father was coming to make him wake up from his sleep quickly.


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