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One of the active accounts posted on the photo and video site.InstagramA picture of the Lebanese artist Nancy Ajram​, after her fans modified it through a feature photoshop And filter, in order to change her style, she is known for her light brown hair, in addition to her blue eyes.

It is known that the Lebanese actress Nancy Ajram Since her appearance, she has enjoyed an overwhelming beauty, gentleness, and remarkable softness that has always characterized them. Her fans and fans decided to see if blonde hair suits her, so they modified the image.

Many comments confirmed that Nancy looks very beautiful with this new look, and some asked her to adopt it as a kind of change, but they refused to undergo additional filler injections in her lips, as shown in the modified image.

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On the other hand, the Lebanese actress recoveredNancy AjramThe moments of her preparations for her concert in Expo 2020 Dubai In the United Arab Emirates, through a video clip she posted on her official page on a social networking site.

In the beginning, this clip showed some scenes from the Emirate of Dubai, then Nancy was in the dressing room and a glimpse of her dress from the front and back, as she put on eye shadow, then she was subjected to a photo session and behind the scenes of the ceremony.

The video also included the rehearsals that Nancy performed prior to her party, then entering the stage and taking it up with her charming look and distinctive dress. The video had electronic music in the background. Nancy attached the video with a comment that said: “Let’s go back to these golden moments, I feel like they were yesterday.”

It is noteworthy that the Lebanese singer, “Nancy Ajram”, had presented at the beginning of this month, clip 150, on her official channel, on the website “Nancy Ajram”.The YouTube» The artist collaborated Nancy Ajram In the clip with director Lily Kanaan, which was filmed in Lebanon And a number of scattered places there.

The actress won Nancy Ajram3,750,000 views, approaching 4 million, with her latest song “150”, just one day after it was posted on the video site. The YouTube.

And Nancy Ajram managed to enter the list of the most watched videos on the famous video site The YouTubeThrough her new song “150”.

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